20% for Humanity

20% for humanity. Room to Read. Kiva.Yeah, it’s a big number. A huge number! But it’s also an inspiring number and something I’ve always wanted to incorporate into a business.

So as of now, 20% of all income from Canadian Free Flyers will help support the amazing work of Room to Read and Kiva. 10% will be donated to Room to Read to assist in educating women and children all over the world and the other 10% will be lent to entrepreneurs in developing countries via Kiva.

Both of these companies have inspired me tremendously over the years and I’m truly astonished by the great work they are doing and the lives they are improving each and every day.

I’m overjoyed to now incorporate this into the Canadian Free Flyer club and am pleased to let Canadian Free Flyer members know that by learning how to earn points and travel around the world for next to nothing, they are also helping make the world a better place and supporting the great people that live in the places they visit.

Thank you to all the members of Canadian Free Flyers and cheers to traveling the world and helping those less fortunate.