What is Travel Hacking?

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In this video, I explain what travel hacking is.

I’ll also explain below…

Travel Hacking! That thing you all signed up for. What is it?

Well, it’s simple really. It’s basically the art of democratizing cheap or free travel.

Travel hacking entails finding ways to earn thousands of frequent flyer miles and then knowing how to use them for maximum value. It’s taking the power from the airlines and giving it back to the people. Muhahaha!

Travel hacking in Canada is an incredible tool for traveling more and spending less. It can be as simple as earning a free flight each year or as advanced as booking a first class ticket overseas while adding 15 layovers across the globe, including a four-month stopover on a different continent and an open-jaw in another country, which allows you to add land-travel into the mix.

“Travel hacking” isn’t just limited to flights either. It deals with all forms of travel-related stuff. Hotels, rental cars, etc. In Canadian Free Flyers, I take it a step further and actually teach you about things like AirBnB, couch-surfing and house-sitting. Most people don’t consider these sorts of things to be “travel hacking” but personally, anything that makes travel cheaper, more available, more comfortable or simply more awesome is worthy of the title. Plus, even if it’s not travel hacking, I will include any method I know of that can help make your dream trips a reality. 

Travel hacking is a method of funding travel. As you can probably see, I take it quite serious. Once I got a taste for it, I went deep down the rabbit hole and have now created a Canadian travel hacking site to teach you about everything I’ve learned. I’m always searching the net for ways to earn frequent flyer miles because I know how valuable they can be. I have a lot of fun booking flights and thinking of all the creative routings, stopovers, open-jaws and layovers I can add into the mix. I love getting massive value and leveraging what I have. Now with CFF, you’ll benefit from this!

But this stuff takes time, which is why I started CFF in the first place. Not everyone wants to spend their free time looking for new credit cards, new deals, new promotions and the latest hacks for booking flights and hotels. Let me do that for you!

Thanks for becoming a member of Canadian Free Flyers. I look forward to getting you on a plane!





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