2,000 Alitalia Points for New Account

WHAT: Just open up a free account with Alitalia’s mileage program and get 2,000 bonus miles.

KNOW: You can also score another 2000 points for taking a flight in April or another 2000 points for a flight within the next 3 months.

It’s Back! 25,000 Points with Alaska Airlines and Mastercard

WHAT: This is an AMAZING deal! Apply for the Alaska Airline Mastercard, pay the low fee of $79, and instantly receive 25,000 Alaska Airline points; enough for a round-trip anywhere in Canada or the continental USA!

KNOW: This is how I went to Austin, Texas for SXSW last week. No minimum spend. Just pay the $79 fee for the card and voila! 25,000 points.

Expires: unknown

Link to join Alaska Airline points: https://www.alaskaair.com/www2/ssl/myalaskaair/MyAlaskaAir.aspx?CurrentForm=UCMyAccountCreate&view=CB3626AF-44AF-4164-ADBB-0E4BC8F2DEE9

Link to apply for credit card: https://www.applyonlinenow.com/CACCapp/Ctl/entry?sc=CJWQ&lc=en_CA

NOTE: Not every deal will work for everyone. If it’s not a match, just delete it and wait for the next. Point accumulation works but it takes some time.

WHAT: This is a GREAT deal if your dream trip involved British Airways. Get a 50% bonus until the end of March when transferring American Express Rewards points to Avios. This means for every 1000 AMEX points you transfer, you’ll get a whopping 1500 British Airways Avios.

KNOW: You’ll need a British Airways account first, which you can sign up for free below. Even though this is an amazing deal, make sure the trip you want is offered through this airline. For example,a return-trip to New York is much more expensive on this rewards program than it is with Aeroplan. However, trips to Europe are often the same. Do the research using the reward-flight tool at British Airways (once your a member) and see how many points you need (and what the tax is) for your destination of choice. If Avios can bring you there, now is the time to transfer points.

Expires: March 31, 2013

Link to Join British Airways Avios: http://www.britishairways.com/travel/execenrol/public/en_gb

Link to Transfer details: https://catalogue.membershiprewards.ca/viewAwardDetail.mtw?productId=1665538