Here are some very short and simple housekeeping rules to make life easier as a travel hacking.

  1. Create a folder in your email called “CFF” or “Canadian Free Flyers” or whatever you like. Store all of the CFF emails in that folder until you use them to earn points. Once the links have been followed, feel free to delete them. You can also view all the past and current deals here.
  2. Create an excel file (using excel or google docs) or a word file if you want to keep track of all your travel point accounts and the amount of points you have in them. This makes things easier once you have thousands of points in various accounts. Another option is signing up for a free account of Award Wallet. Most Canadians only have a few accounts so you won’t need anything very in-depth.
  3. Make another folder in your email called “Point Accounts” or “Travel Points” or something like that. Store all of your confirmation emails from all the accounts you sign up for. This will help when you need to remember your account numbers to apply for deals and promotions.
  4. Create a travel goal. When you have a specific destination in mind, it can be easier to plan and make happen. For example, if your goal is to visit Australia, write it down somewhere. You now have a specific place you want to visit from using points and can focus your efforts on a carrier of choice. Plus, you can learn how many points you need, which helps encourage and motivate you to continue earning points. Learn more in the tutorial: Dream Big.


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