Hello and welcome to the Canadian Free Flyers blog. This blog will be here to share the stories of members who have used points to travel the world. Their stories will tell about their adventures and how they used the points and will inspire everyone that reads them. Because CFF is new, it may take months before readers have the opportunity to travel and share stories but it will happen.

Until then, I’ll post other helpful content for all of you. Right now, I’m working on an offiicial launch for Canadian Free Flyers.

I just finished the rough draft of the “Travel Hacking in Canada” ebook. It will be edited and available by next week.

I haven’t decided yet but I think I will price the ebook at $27. However, the ebook will be free for members!

I know this is  quick post but I just wanted to mention the new ebook coming out soon, the official launch of CFF, and hopefully a great system for those who want to be affiliates for the program.

Thanks everyone!