Canadian Free Flyers is an online membership site and newsletter filled with tutorials to get you started right away.

We teach you all about the world of “travel hacking” such as:


  • How to earn a lot of frequent flier miles without flying. Actually, it’s much easier to earn them on the ground than in the air.


  • Redemption strategies: How to get the most value out of your points. Once you earn them, don’t waste them. 

  • How to turn credit cards into plane tickets: Are you using your credit card for measly rewards or a cash-back program? You’ll immediately stop doing this when you realize that just one card can send you on a dream trip.

  • Huge promotions: When deals come out for big bonuses like 15,000+ points, you’ll want to take advantage. We’ll send you an email, so you don’t have to worry about missing them.

  • Sleep in 4-star hotels for 50% off: Learn how to make multiple bids on Priceline, ensuring you get a beautiful hotel for the best possible price.

Plus many other “Canadian travel hacking” opportunities such as glitch fares, round-the-world tickets, discounted hotels and lodging, and other travel hacking secrets.

But that’s not all! We send you all the deals in real-time! The deals go right to your inbox so you don’t have to bother scouring the web.


Your busy enough with work, school, and life. Let us do the research for you.

After you sign up, you’ll be given instant access to all the tutorials and you will start receiving the “quick-start tutorial” emails right away.


You’ll also receive emails every time we find a travel hacking deal. All you need to do is read the emails, follow the links and reap the rewards!


Fly to your dream destination for next to nothing and send us a postcard. (Seriously, a postcard would be awesome).


Ayers Rock Australia Uluru

Ixtapa, Mexico travel hacking



It really is that easy.

The tutorials are designed to teach you everything about travel hacking. It’s updated every time new strategies or tips are found. Read them whenever you want.


Jump right into the most important stuff right away and be on a plane in as little as three months!



Become a Canadian Free Flyer today and take that trip of a lifetime within the year!


Travel Hacking Canada

Free Trip to Mexico


one flight guarantee

We want to make sure you’re happy so we’ve included an amazing guarantee.


We’ll call it the 30 Day/One free flight guarantee. Try it now and if you don’t like it for any reason, just let us know within one month and we’ll refund you 100%.


If you do like it, we include a second guarantee. If we don’t send you enough deals to fly at least once within a year of membership, let us know and we’ll refund you 100%.


So really, you have nothing to lose.

We know you can earn enough points to go on one or two trips every year.

Even if you earn enough for just one trip from Western Canada to Florida or from Eastern Canada to California, you’ll be saving anywhere from $600 to $1000, and that’s not including a FREE stopover or any of the hotel deals!



Become a Canadian Travel Hacker Today

Save more than 25% right now by purchasing a yearly subscription in Platinum for just $135. Buy Now


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Welcome to paradise!

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