While AirBnB is not free accommodation, it’s much cheaper than a hotel and sometimes offers a much better location and experience.

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I haven’t successfully used Airbnb yet as I focus more on Couchsurfing but I have heard a lot of good things from other people.

Airbnb is kind of like couchsurfing except you need to pay. Your probably thinking “Why should I pay if I can get it for free” and while I agree with that, there are some positives to using this system.

1. Better accommodation

Typically, Airbnb listings are for private rooms rather than a couch. They sometimes have private bathrooms, and sometimes, even give you the whole place. They are usually much better furnished as in clean and blanketed beds and fresh linen.

Couchsurfing has this as well but not as often as Airbnb listings.

2. Scheduling

Airbnb listings have calendars of availability similar to Expedia so that you can book your trip in advance. you don’t need to ask someone if you can stay on a specific date. Instead, you check availability, and then book it online in advance. This works well for those who don’t want to be bothered with asking numerous people for a couple night’s accommodation. Much less time involved.

3. Nicer places

This is not always the case as I have found beautiful places couchsurfing as well. However, I notice many penthouse condos and things like that on Airbnb as much more people are willing to trade fancy accommodation for money as opposed to free.

4. Choose the place, not the person

In Couchsurfing, it’s important to find a great person as opposed to just a great location. With Airbnb, you choose more on the location or price you’re looking for. Although it still helps to have a good person behind the curtain, Airbnb is certainly not near as personal of an interaction as couchsurfing is.

5. Opportunity to make money

If you like the idea of charging people to stay at your house like a hotel, then Airbnb is your best option for doing so. you simply create a profile, add some pictures and an address, create a calendar of availability, and name your price. Airbnb can even arrange for professional photography in many cities and it’s free. You will need to pay a percentage if your place gets rented but it’s 100% free to list.

So there you have it, two very different ways of getting unique lodging for free or fee. Couchsurfing is much more about the community of like-minded people and building friendships across the world. It can also be a little more uncomfortable if you find yourself on a couch or a floor but hey, it’s free!

Airbnb is much more like a hotel at a house rather than a friendship circle. It’s much less of a hassle but will cost you money for the convenience. You simply find a place you like, find the availability, book, and pay in advance. Done.

(If you’re new to AirBnB, click here to sign up and get $25 towards your first $100+ booking)


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