Everyday Spending

Video Time: 03:21

In this video I’m going to show you how to make the most from your everyday shopping.

You can earn points/miles for almost ALL your everyday shopping. I’m talking about things like groceries, supplements, gas and so forth. Almost anything.

While this may or may not sound like common sense, it’s alarming how many people simply ignore it. This is where the “mindset” of a travel hacker comes into play. You will start taking advantage of ALL point/mile earning opportunities. 


By simply using a travel credit card for purchases, you will usually earn one point per dollar spent. Most people spend close to $1,000 per month on gas and groceries alone, which would equate to 12,000 points each year. In just two years with this practice alone, you’d have enough points to go anywhere in Canada or the continental United States. Not bad!


I’ve mentioned this in the credit card tutorial as well because they both play well together. If the store you are shopping at accepts Aeroplan for example, you can use your Aeroplan card (one point per dollar) AND your credit card (typically one point per dollar). Now you’re earning two points for every dollar spent! For example, Esso accepts Aeroplan. If you use a co-branded Aeroplan credit card AND your Aeroplan membership card when fuelling up, you can actually earn up to three points/miles for every dollar! BOOM! Now we’re talking!


You can also read about mileage malls in the frequent flyer mall section. But since we’re talking about everyday spending, mileage malls make sense! For example, you can buy Safeway gift certificates at the Aeroplan e-store, which could net you even more points. On the other hand, if you’re someone who buys supplements, you might find a company on one of the mileage malls that gives up to 8x miles for purchases. Now you can purchase supplements and earn 7x more miles than you would in a normal store. It pays to look around the mileage malls of choice and see all the options. These bonuses aren’t available at all times but the mileage malls are typically better than the actual store on most occasions.


If you shop at Sobey’s or Safeway, you can actually earn Air Miles. I’m not a big fan of Air Miles but they’re better than nothing. Plus, these grocery stories normally have deals such as buy $100 worth of groceries and get 100 points. This is a great time to build up your Air Miles as it usually only takes 1200 for a short-haul flight.


Rexall is a great place for earning Aeroplan points and a great place to double-dip with a credit card. You can even earn them on pharmaceutical purchases last I checked. Rexall is always running deals for Aeroplan bonuses as well so if it’s something you need at a fair price, Rexall might be a good option!