WHAT: Rent a vehicle for 5 days or more at up to 30% off and get 3000 bonus AAdvantage miles! You’ll also get bonus miles for rentals less than 5 days.

KNOW: Use coupon code MUAZ062 to earn miles and Budgets discount code (BCD) #U072422 to get up to 30% off .

WHAT: These are great times to buy your groceries. Normally, you only get 1 Air Miles for $20 spent but now you get 100 for 100. You only need about 1000 Air Miles for a short haul flight.

KNOW: Technically, you need the coupon, which should be in the mail. But Safeway usually keeps the barcode at the till, so they can scan it for you should you “forget” it.

Expires: Feb 28,2013

WHAT: Get double points for stays at the Hilton until end of March. Must sign up for the promotion at the link below.

KNOW: You can also get miles instead of points. You must choose at registration. If you want miles, make sure you register your partner airline in your Hilton profile.

Expires: March 31, 2013

Link: https://www.hiltonhhonors.com/Q12013?guid=D5350DF8516749D1E0440021287E5656&lang=en?wt.mc_id=OMHNHMS4493

NOTE: Not every deal will work for everyone. If it’s not a match, just delete it and wait for the next. Point accumulation works but it takes some time.