How to use CFF

Canadian Free Flyers is laid out very simple. 

Tutorials: From the main page of Free Flyer School, you’ll see the various modules including Getting Started, Earning Miles, Redeeming Miles, Accommodation Hacking, and the Bonus module. Each module consists of written tutorials and screencast videos. They are available 24/7 and the password for the videos is 1914.

Deal-Alerts: Deal Alerts are for Economy Plus and First Class members. Whenever I find a new deal, whether it be a credit card or an online promotion, I will send it to you via email. All you need to do is open the email and decide if the deal is right for you. If it is, click on the link and follow the steps involved. If it’s not, just delete it and wait for the next one.

Perks: This is new to Canadian Free Flyers. On the Free Flyer School page, simply scroll down to Perks, click on it and you will see deals for travel products/services only available to CFF members. This is new and still quite small but it will grow!

Q & A: This section offers answers to the questions I get asked the most regarding travel hacking. If you have any other questions you’d like to see added, simply send me an email.

Refer Friends, Earn Money: If you like Canadian Free Flyers and would like to refer a friend, you can earn money for doing so. Simply click “Refer Friends, Earn Money” in the right sidebar of the membership page, follow the instructions and use the link provided. Otherwise, you can always just share CFF via word of mouth. I’d forever be grateful.

Important things to remember:

Not all deal-alerts will be relevant to you. Although all the deals are for Canadians, you may not be willing to sign up for a particular credit card. Maybe you won’t qualify at this time or maybe you just don’t want the added credit at the moment. That’s fine. If it’s going to be a problem, just skip over those deals and wait for new ones. Even without credit card deals, you should be able to earn enough for a free flight each year. It just takes a little more time and tad more effort.

Remember, mile-accumulation takes time but it does work. For some, it may take a couple of months and for others it may take the whole year. Just be patient and continue following the advice in the tutorials and checking the emails we send you. They will add up! Some months, the offers might equal only 1000 miles and other months might be worth 40,000 miles! You never know so just keep it up and eventually you’ll be paying for flights with frequent flyer miles. Either way, I promise you’ll get value out of the program.

In order to best organize your email folders and what not, I have added a quick housekeeping tutorial to get you started.


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