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Trips to Africa are expensive, which makes using points a great value. You can usually fly return business class to Africa for about 120,000 miles and include a stopover in Europe. This means you get two trips for the price of one – saving 40,000 miles or more. You can do it with economy too.

Many flights can be had via British Airways, Delta, Lufthansa, and Air France. A number of others fly there as well. The islands of Tonga, Fiji, and the cook islands can often be had at good rates using Hawaiian airlines or Air New Zealand. Air New Zealand usually offers free stopovers in Auckland as well.

For us Canadians out there, we know how expensive it is to get to a place like Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland. Luckily, points are usually the same for any city (and in this case, 25,000 Aeroplan points), so it’s good to use them for more expensive flights like these. Remember, you can book stopovers with points on either direction. So if you’re flying to PEI from Calgary, you can probably do a stopover in Toronto, New York, Ottawa or Boston.

Remember 330: Airlines usually release reward seats 330 days in advance. I believe Air Canada is even sooner. If you’re planning a very special trip a long time in advance, call in around this time and your almost sure to get the right seats.

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