Many Canadians believe that travel is expensive and out of reach. Most wouldn’t even dream of flying around the world in first class. But it is possible.

After developing a passion for travelling, I learned about various methods of travelling more for less. One of those ways is travel hacking and taking advantage of frequent flyer miles.

I’ve since used various strategies to fly my wife and I around the world in first class for $90, stay in 4-star hotels for less than half price, and include multi-month stopovers for free.

Let me show you how…

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What people are saying

I not only landed 20,000 points with one deal alert but also found unique accommodation for my trip to Portugal! I’ll be flying to Europe using points and Matt has been super easy to reach when I have questions. The deal alerts are fun and I highly recommend Canadian Free Flyers to anyone wanting to travel more and save money!

With just two special promotions, we earned enough points for both of us to go to Mexico with a three-night stopover in Las Vegas! We never thought it would be so easy. It almost seemed “too good to be true”. We miss the food in Mexico and can’t wait to go back. Thanks Matt.

In my first two years working with Canadian Free Flyers, I earned so many points that I got to take my wife and two kids from Calgary to PEI, which cost me a total of $600! Pretty great deal when each flight is regularly over $900. It was really easy to capitalize on significant points by getting the credit cards through CFF. I now have an additional 60,000 points just to spend on myself!

If we can do it, you can do it! As a family of 10 we were able to enjoy a trip to Halifax with a layover in Ottawa; all flights paid for by Aeroplan miles. It is with thanks to Matt and Canadian Free Flyers that within 7 months we were able to rack up the Aeroplan miles we needed through the many promotions advertised. Larger families now have a greater opportunity to travel. Thanks Matt!

Flying First Class Emirates

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What You’ll Get in the Course…

Dozens of Tutorials, Accessible Anytime

You’ll have unlimited access to dozens of tutorials and screencast videos, which are consistently growing as new tips and tactics emerge. Tutorials cover topics ranging from;

– How to earn frequent flyer miles without flying,

– How to redeem for the best value,

– Free or cheap accommodation,

– How credit scores work,

– and much more…

With tips like glitch fares, 3-for-1 trips, and open jaws – you’ll be taking your dream trip in no time.

With Deal Alerts, You’ll Never Miss an Opportunity!

When new deals and promotions emerge for earning travel or hotel points, you’ll get an email! Deals such as;

– New high-bonus credit cards

– One-time promotions

– Hotel reward point offers

– and much more…

You don’t have to do any research because I do it for you! Sit back and relax, you won’t miss a thing.

Your Own Personal Credit Card Maximization Plan

Another option with CFF is a personal maximization plan. After filling out a short form, I’ll actually go over your everyday expenses and give you a personal plan to maximize your frequent flyer mile potential! You’ll learn;

– How many points you can expect over the next year,

– What credit cards are best for you,

– How to allocate your spending for maximum potential,

– and more…

You’ll learn exactly what to do to make your dream trip happen as soon as possible!

Canadian Free Flyers is for you if...

  • You’re new to travel hacking and want to learn more
  • You don’t have the time to search the internet for frequent flyer deals and promotions
  • You want support to make sure you’re getting the best value for your rewards
  • You’re comfortable applying for at least one credit card
  • You want to travel the world!

Canadian Free Flyers is not for you if...

  • You’re already a travel hacking pro
  • You don’t mind researching all the deals and promotions on your own
  • You don’t want or need support for booking highly valuable rewards
  • You never want to apply for a credit card
  • You simply don’t want to travel

After becoming a permanent resident in Canada just one year before joining, I’ve used Matt’s advice to earn more than 50,000 points and build my credit rating at the same time. I’m using those points to fly to Mexico and Colombia in 2014!

Get a FREE Dream Trip Estimate!

Sign up for our free “Standby” option and fill out the Dream Trip Estimate form to find out how many points you COULD earn over the next year!