Other Ways to Earn Miles

Rental Cars

Rental cars are another great way to earn frequent flyer miles. If you’re renting a car, all of them have connections to airline reward programs. Simply provide your frequent flyer account number (whichever one the rental car works with) and earn miles/points! Keep your ears open for promotions as well. At times, rental car companies will offer bonus points!


Hotels typically have their own reward program, which you should absolutely take advantage of. However, there are ways to earn frequent flyer miles as well. For example, Hilton actually allows you to double-dip, earning both Hilton reward points and certain airline rewards as well. Alternatively, if you rather airline points, some hotels will give you the choice.

Hotel Booking Engines

Rocket Miles: This is a new hotel booking engine that gives you a LOT of frequent flyer miles for booking through them. However, I have noticed that their prices can be higher than other engines such as Expedia and Priceline. Before booking a hotel, check the prices on another engine and then decide if it’s worth the amount of points they are giving you. Some bookings can net you up to 7,000 Aeroplan points, which is worth at least $70!

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More Methods coming soon!