Video Time: 03:34

In this video I’m going to talk about promotions and how they can help you earn frequent flyer miles throughout the year.

I’ll also explain some possible promotions below…

Throughout the year, I’ve noticed different promotions from Amex. One of the bonuses is for transferring points to other programs. For example, I transferred 20,000 points to Aeroplan during this promotion and was given an additional 5,000! That’s a 25% bonus. If  I can, I always try to hold on to my Amex points until an offer like this comes up. Aside from the transfer bonus, they also have promotions to earn 2x points for every dollar spent during specific times. This is a great time to rack up the points on items you really need.

Other airlines such as U.S. Airways have occasional promotions like the Dividend Mile Grand Slam, which are also called mileage runs. This usually happens every year. This type of promotion rewards you to go shopping at certain businesses. For each transaction, you’re given a certain amount of Grand Slams. You can earn anywhere from 5,000 to 100,000 points. Some people go crazy for this and I can see why. If you get creative with the purchases, you can sometimes spend no more than a $200 and come out with 100,000 mileage points – enough for a round-trip anywhere in the world. However, doing this takes a lot of work.

When deals like this come up, you will hear about in the deal-alert emails if you’re subscribed.