Free Flyer School Lift Off

As I work to finish up 2 ebooks that will be sold on Canadian Free Flyers, I wanted to come up with a way to give the information for free to all CFF members. I didn’t want to wait for all the boring editing and other tasks that go along with ebook creation.

I figured that what members want is the information. They probably don’t care to much about how fancy it is. They just want to know how to earn points effectively, how to redeem their points, the best resources on the internet for travel talk and advice, how to get 4-star hotels at 50% off, and other things like that.

So I went ahead and created Free Flyer School. This is a password-encrypted page that will direct members to all the information that will be in the ebooks plus more. In fact, it’s going to consistently grow each month as I add more and more things. That’s the beauty of doing it this way. I can update and add information anytime I want.

At first, I was going to limit it to all things “points” related but I’ve decided to expand it to be a complete travel education center. I’ll post things like how to get the best insurance, how to get cheap roadside assistance, where to look for unique travel spots, and so forth.

If members want a new section added, they just have send me an email and I’ll start looking into it.

I love finding value in things I buy. This addition to the website gives me a great way to provide more and more value to each member, while still keeping the same low price of $10/mth.

Happy Travels,