Our goal is to send you on your DREAM TRIP within a year of joining Canadian Free Flyers


How Canadian Travel Hacking Works








1. Sign up for membership and start learning right away

2. Wait for deals to arrive in your inbox

3. Click the deals that work for you and follow prompts

4. Collect points and redeem for trip of a lifetime!

This is the best way to explain it. It’s that simple. From the moment you sign up, you get instant access to all the tutorials on the website. We also send you 6 emails over the first 14 days to give you a quick intro into the world of travel hacking. On top of these and as long as you remain a member, you’ll receive deal alerts in your inbox as soon as we hear about them. No need to do any work for finding points as we do it all for you. Just open our emails and reap the rewards.



Why should I join Canadian Free Flyers?

We teach you all about the world of Canadian Travel Hacking so you can learn how to easily earn enough points to go on 1-3 trips per year. Free Flyer School is filled with online tutorials that teach you how to earn miles without flying, how to redeem them for high-value trips, how to get 4-star hotels at half price, how to find free accommodation around the world, and SO much more. Were constantly updating it with new budget-travel advice. Most importantly, we SEND you all the deals for earning points in real-time so you don’t have to do any research yourself.

Which membership level should I choose?

All membership options are great but we recommend Business Class. For about $3 per month extra, you get access to all the tutorials we have. We are always updating so you know they’re will be fresh content coming out. Everything from frequent flyer points to hotel hacking and so forth. With economy, you only get access to the frequent flier tutorials. It’s still a great option for those interested. More importantly, all membership levels come with deal alerts, which means you will get an email anytime we find a deal for earning points! First Class goes one step further in that we actually help you redeem your awards once you have enough points. Talk about service!

Do I need to sign up for credit cards?

No, but credit cards are the quickest way to earn A LOT of points. Earning mileage bonuses through credit cards is one big way to quickly build your mileage account, but it’s not the only way. You’ll be able to earn plenty of miles with or without signing up for cards. We think you’ll be able to earn enough points for at-least one free flight without the use of credit cards not to mention, the other budget travel advice you’ll learn. Note: Credit cards are only good if you spend them on things you buy anyway and are able to pay them off in full each month. Paying interest defeats the value of the points.

Can I do this on my own?

Absolutely. It just requires a lot of time. There are hundreds of travel blogs and forums where you can search for different deals on points. It can take hours a day depending on which sites you visit. The point of CFF is to remove that barrier for you and save you all that time.

Will CFF help with redeeming?

Yes, several tutorials (and ongoing posts) will help you redeem your miles for great trips. We teach you how to redeem for high-value trips. First Class members will get one-on-one help with redeeming points.

What if I don’t earn enough points to fly twice in a year?

We guarantee if you follow the information and apply for the things we tell you to apply for, you will earn enough for 1 flight every year or more. This is already more than worth the $97 but really, you should be able to earn much more than this. If you can prove to us that we didn’t send enough deals for this after a 1-year period, we’ll refund you. Aside from this, you have 1-month for a refund – no questions asked.

How do I get a refund?

That’s easy, send us an email within a month of purchase.  Although we love feedback, you don’t have to give us any.  If you just want to cancel your recurring subscription, you can actually log into your Paypal account and cancel it through there.

What if I have a question along the way?

Please send an email! We’d love to help out and then we can post it in the FAQ section as well.


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