Bet you never knew it was possible. Pulling up in a cab to the airport, going through security, listening for your boarding call, and sitting in the plane sitting next to someone who payed full price all the while knowing that your flying for free.

Your imagination is running wild and the butterflies are fluttering around in your stomach as you sip a glass of wine awaiting your dreamed about destination.

It’s not as hard as you think either. It’s not a new system or a business you need to buy into. It’s not illegal and it doesn’t require you to work your ass off. In fact, it’s something most likely everyone has already heard about and even participated in. It’s called frequent flyer points.

That’s right. Travel points. travel miles. You get the picture. It’s those amazing loyalty programs like Air Canada’s Aeroplan rewards, American Express Rewards, Air Miles, and all the other great programs available from American Airlines, U.S. Airways, British Airways, Air Asia, Alaska Air, and all the rest.

Right about now, your probably thinking of closing this article. You might be thinking about your current Aeroplan or Air Mile status and wondering how you will ever earn enough for a flight. Maybe it’s been years since you signed up and you still haven’t earned enough for a free flight. Or maybe you have never heard about travel points and this is all a big surprise for you

Either way, all I can say is that over the last 10 months, I have earned over 100,000 Aeroplan points, 27,000 Alaska Airline points, 2000 Air Miles, and many other rewards without even stepping on a plane.

How you might be asking? By taking the little bit of time to learn about various tactics and then putting in the small amount of effort required to find out various promotional deals available across the Internet.

Sometimes it’s just registering my email. Sometimes it’s just signing up for a reward card. Sometimes its liking a Facebook page. I also research the best FREE credit cards available that offer amazing points for simply “shopping”. I don’t spend any extra money and I only spend about 1 hour a month entering different deals or signing up for different cards.

I didn’t believe it would work at first. I had Aeroplan and Air  Miles for years and barely had enough points for a gift card. Then, after employing the strategies I learned, I find myself with enough points for 5 round-trip flights to the U.S.A or 3 round-trip flights to Mexico for just 8-10 hours of work over 10 months. Awesome deal right?

That’s really all there is to it.

  • Learn about the various strategies for earning travel points.
  • Spend 1 hour (or more if you like) each month applying for all the deals.
  • Have a travel goal in mind to keep you excited.
  • Sign up for all sorts of travel reward cards like Aeroplan and Air Miles.
  • Acquire the points and then fly around the world for free (Flight is free but taxes are not)

I really hope I have inspired you to start earning travel points to pay for your vacations and adventures. Once you get your head around these sorts of deals, it doesn’t stop there. Next is finding free or deeply discounted accomodation, meals, and other important tips on saving money and having the time of your life.

Happy Travels!

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