Save Taxes, Don’t use Air Canada.

While I personally have nothing against Air Canada, I will say that their taxes are higher than all the American airlines.

You won’t always have a choice but when your booking with Aeroplan points, you will see multiple options of flight carriers. Since some U.S airlines belong to the Star alliance, you can often use them for trips down south or overseas.

For example, I booked a flight through Aeroplan to go to Mexico City from Calgary. By using US Airways instead of Air Canada, I saved almost $100 in taxes. Nearly a 50% difference. It’s crazy. Check the next time you’re about to book and think about which airline will save you the most money.

Another tax saving method when going to England is to AVOID Heathrow Airport. The taxes are astronomical. By simply flying in to a less busy London area airport, you can save hundreds of dollars.

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