Cambodia Prasat Preah

Looking down on Cambodia with Laos and Thailand directly to my right.

Yes, that’s right…travel coaching. This is not just for Canadians, this is for anyone. I can truly help anyone achieve their dreams of independent travel and I can even help anyone start earning travel points as part of the process.

I’ve been getting some requests lately to personally help people one-on-one with planning and implementing independent travel to destinations across the world.

My speciality is independent travel. I also specialize in traveling on a budget BUT you don’t need to be on a budget. As long as your goal is independent travel, this will be a good fit.

Do you want a professional traveller to:

  • Help keep you motivated and on track to making your dream destination a reality?
  • Help you plan some key things to do as an independent traveller?
  • Help plan where you can stay and how to get around?
  • Help potentially link you up with people in your destination?
  • Prepare you a budget and goal to save towards?
  • Anything else that would get you closer to that place you’ve been longing to visit?

Then travel coaching is for you.

I’m a travel addict. It’s my drug of choice. I’ve looped around Australia for 5 months solo, traversed New Zealand, partied in Japan, traveled 11 months through SE Asia including Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Burma, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Borneo, and the Philippines, couch-surfed my way around the United States, spent months learning about history in Mexico City, and have been sky-diving, bungy-jumping, hang-gliding, and scuba diving with sharks along the way.

I want to help you do the same.

We’ll start with some awesome questions, schedule a 1-hour Skype chat, create you a plan, and then motivate and follow-up with you along the way.

I’m currently doing this on a pay-what-you-can-afford model.

Contact me and let’s get started.

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