Mileage Malls

Video Time: 02:57

In this video I’m going to explain what mileage malls are and how to use them to your advantage.


Mileage malls (or frequent flyer malls) are online shopping portals that allow you to earn travel points on purchases. These mileage malls typically just link to the actual store BUT you’ll earn much more miles than you would if you went directly to that online store. Like credit cards, these malls are only useful if you’re buying items you would normally purchase anyways. For example, some companies that offer products through these malls include Safeway, GAP, Apple, and Best Buy. If you’re going to buy something from one of those stores and they offer some good bonus points through the mall, then you might as well buy it through the mall. (Ex: Last month the Aeroplan eStore was giving 5x the Aeroplan miles for any purchase through the portal. Since I needed a new laptop, I used the portal to go to Apple’s website. I simply entered my Aeroplan number, got redirected to Apple, bought a $1300 laptop and came out with 5500 points!). You can even buy gift cards through these mileage malls, which you can then use for yourself or as a gift.

The best way to use the malls is when you’re thinking of making a big purchase (say $150+) at any familiar store like Best Buy, Apple, or Safeway. Check the frequent flyer malls first and see if you can buy it through them for the same price but with more points!

Below are some mileage malls with links. Click on them and check them out. You can also download a PDF of all the mileage malls and their links below.

Aeroplan eStore

Air Miles Mall

United Mileage Plus mall

AAdvantage Eshopping mall

Choice Privileges mall

Delta SkyMiles mall

Warning: If you’re not shopping from a national business that you’re used to like Safeway or Best Buy, you should really keep an eye on the price. One product might give you a lot of points but you might be paying twice as much for it. Not a good choice.


Download the Mileage Mall PDF for a complete list of mileage malls and their respective links.