Although travel has been a passion of mine for many years now, luxury was never really part of the equation. Sure, I like a little bit of bling bling now and then but I’m the kind of guy who’d rather be sleeping in a tent in the mountains than living it up in a 5-star hotel (most of the time, anyway). So it was somewhat odd to recently find myself sitting first class on an Emirates flight from Dubai to Houston. Not just any Emirates flight either – the A380. The Cream of the crop. The golden goose of travel hacking.

After having breakfast in the Emirates first class lounge (included with the flight), my wife and I both boarded the luxurious aircraft for a 17-hour trans-Atlantic flight. It’s a long haul flying over the Middle East, Europe, the Atlantic ocean, and most of the US in one jaunt but it was made all the better by sitting in pure luxury.

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business class Air canadaTravel has completely changed my life. Since 2009 when I first landed in New Zealand and Australia for my first solo long-term backpacking trip, I have been to six continents and 35 countries and have learned so much about life and this place we call Earth.

I’ve also learned a lot about travel hacking. Before taking the frequent flyer mile industry seriously, I did what most people did. I had some rewards cards and used them occasionally when making a purchase. I never seemed to have enough points for actually getting on a plane. Oh how times have changed.

Since making travel a priority and learning everything there is to know about earning and redeeming frequent flyer miles, I’ve used them to take trips I never would have been able to afford such as flying first class on Emirates and flying around the world in business class for next to nothing.Flying over Mexico City

It’s lead me to create this site as well help hundreds of Canadians take trips they’ve always dreamed of. I’ve given live talks in front of 400 people and been featured in national press across the country.

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One of the questions I get asked quite often is whether Canada is a good place to be a travel hacker or not. A lot of people who know what travel hacking is likely heard of it from someone in the US. This is how I got started as well and what lead me to start Canadian Free Flyers since most sites out there are dedicated to Americans.

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