Earn 25 Air Miles for Linking Sobey’s Account

WHAT: As mentioned in a previous “deal alert”, Sobey’s is no longer affiliated with Aeroplan. They are now with Air Miles and if you link your Sobey’s account to Air Miles before the date below, you will get 25 Air Miles.

KNOW: By linking your account, you will automatically accrue Air Mile points by using your Sobey’s card instead of Sobey’s points. 

LINK: https://www.clubsobeys.com/member/Link.page?utm_source=cs-alert&utm_source=cs-alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=cs-west-linking-aug-2014

Expires: September 11, 2014

Remember: Not all deals work for everyone. Ignore the ones that don’t and follow the ones that do. It all adds up throughout the year.