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A Travel Hacking Interview with Calgary’s Breakfast Television

After reaching out to all sorts of media, Calgary’s Breakfast Television invited me on their show for an early morning introduction to travel hacking. It was a really interesting experience to be on TV and it went really well. The only unfortunate thing was that BTCalgary forgot to mention Canadian Free Flyers so no one […]

A Quick Guide to Travel Vaccines

What Vaccinations Should You Get? Depending on where you’re going, vaccinations can be a very important part of your travel plans. At the same time, I want to caution you from getting every single vaccination that everyone says you should get. I’m not a doctor so I can’t tell you what to get and what […]

How to Travel Around the World in Business Class for $750

2015 has been a great year for travel. I’ve already stepped foot on three continents, witnessed a permanent lava lake erupt right in front of me, visited Japan during cherry blossom season, and went completely around the world in business class. It was my first time at the front of the plane and I picked […]