5000 Bonus Points With RocketMiles (ONLY 3 DAYS)

WHAT: RocketMiles is celebrating their birthday by giving a bonus of 5000 points for a hotel booking in addition to the points you would have already earned. 

KNOW: This promotion is only on for three days but if it applies to you, it could be a good time to rack up 8000 or more points in total. If you book via their app, use promo code CANBE2B7. If online, use link below.

LINK: https://www.rocketmiles.com/birthday-2014/CANBE2B7?&program=&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=birthday-2014

Expires: November 22, 2014

Remember: Not all deals work for everyone. Ignore the ones that don’t and follow the ones that do. It all adds up throughout the year.