WHAT: Okay – this isn’t really a “travel-hacking” deal but I thought you would like it anyways. In celebration of American Express now being accepted at Tim Horton’s across Canada, Amex is giving a $10 statement credit to those who use their registered card to spend $20 at Tim Horton’s before November 10th!

KNOW: You must be one of the first million Canadians to register their Amex card for the deal. This is still working as of now. Then, once you get the email confirmation, use that same card and spend $20 total (after taxes) before November 10th, 2013. Amex will then credit you $10.

Expires: November 10, 2013

Link: https://enroll.amexnetwork.com/CA/en/CA201309TIMHORTONSC/?om_rid=NuJUtW&om_mid=_BSVnqoB81sNo03&om_lid=amex5

WHAT: Basically, after making one purchase on the ScotiaBank Amex card, you’ll get 15,000 points, which is worth $150 in travel credit. These points are not like Aeroplan. You simply pay for a trip and then credit the points towards the trip on a 1 point = 1 cent basis. HOWEVER, after using the card to book any kind of travel (a hotel, a bus, a flight, etc), you’ll also get a $300 statement credit that can be used for any purchases. 

KNOW: The first year fee of $99 is waived! However, the $300 statement credit doesn’t seem to be mentioned on the website but it was in a special email to me. So, if you decide to apply, I recommend calling first and telling them about the $300 credit a friend told you about. If the $300 credit is not available, the card is not worth the hassle in my opinion, although you would still get $150 towards travel.

Expires: Unknown.

Link: http://www.scotiabank.com/ca/en/0,,4657,00.html

WHAT: Sign in to the Alaska Airline Shopping Mall and spend $25 on a qualifying puchase to get 750 miles. 

KNOW: You’ll get 500 miles for the purchase and 250 miles for registering with updates. Keep in mind that 750 miles is worth about $15 or less. Only buy something if you would anyways. 

Expires: October 31, 2013.

Link: https://www.mileageplanshopping.com/p/promo.htm