WHAT: Grab your SPG account number and your Aeroplan number so you can register at the link below. When you stay 5 nights or more at Starwood hotels, you will earn bonus points of up to 9000. 

KNOW: Between September 1 and December 15, you will earn 5000 Aeroplan points for five qualifying nights. You will get an additional 2000 points for 7 nights total and another 2000 for 9 total nights. Maximum is 9000 Aeroplan points. Nights will accrue across multiple stays. You will still get all the bonus miles that you would earn regularly. 

Expires: December 15, 2013

LINK: https://www.spgpromos.com/aeroplanfall2013/?action=main.registration

NOTE: Not every deal will work for everyone. If it’s not a match, just delete it and wait for the next. Point accumulation works but it takes some time.

WHAT: In the last email, I mentioned a 20,000 point bonus with the Aeroplan Plus AMEX Gold card, which is true unless you get referred…Then it’s 30,000! They still waive the first year fee so this is an INCREDIBLE deal. 

KNOW: You must spend $500 on the card within 3 months of membership to get 20,000 points. Also, if you want me to refer you, I need to send you an email with the referral link. Just hit reply to this email and tell me to send you the link and include the email you want me to send it to. Referrals get 30,000 Aeroplan points. That’s a 10,000 bonus for simply using a different link!

Expires: Unknown. Act fast.

LINK: http://www.americanexpress.com/canada/en/aeroplan_dclp_dtw11_q2_en.shtml?&parent=A00000EQWV&crtv=HeroGold&cpid=100108221&affid=APDTW

WHAT: Register for the promotion at the link below and you will earn double SPG points on starwood hotel stays from September – December 15, 2013. On top of that, you will get 2,500 points for every five nights you stay.

KNOW: The promotion points are unlimited. Bonus points for stays is capped at 10,000. Night will accrue over multiple stays. You must register before October 31. You can also view the hotels that are not participating at the link provided.

Expires: October 31, 2013

LINK: https://www.spgpromos.com/taketwo/?language=en_us&IM=Q42013TAKE2_ENG_SWcom_Text