WHAT: Transfer your Amex points to British Airways between now and January 14th and get a 30% bonus. That’s 1,300 BA points for just 1000 Amex points.

KNOW: It’s that simple. A really great deal if you can use British Airways. Otherwise, wait for the next deal.

WHAT: Earn up to 1,000 United miles quickly for some simple links and likes: register at bckstgr.com (400 miles), Twitter Link (200 miles), Facebook Link (200 miles), and Foursquare (200 miles).

KNOW: You’ll see the miles right away in your new Bckstgr account and you’ll likely see them in your United account within 24 hours. You also have the added benefit of completing more “tasks” to earn more miles.

Link: https://bckstgr.com

WHAT: Sign up for a new Malaysian Airline Miles account and get 1000 miles instantly.

KNOW: Must be new account. Malaysia Airlines will become united with the One World Alliance beginning mid-February 2013.